Cougar Prowl 5k and Kids Dash

23 06 2013

dsc_0178 dsc_0189 dsc_0199 dsc_0336 dsc_0338 dsc_0351 dsc_0361 dsc_0375 dscn1664 dscn1685 dscn1689 dscn1848 Cougar Prowl 5k and Kids Dash

Well this was my first race, operating on the other side… and I LOVED it! I was approached to help on the organizing committee this year for the Central Kitsap High Alumni Cougar Prowl. This was the 3rd running of the race, and I was beyond excited to be part of the planning team.

The race grew this year from 80 the first year, to 110 last year, and this year we smoked it with 192. Watch out 2014 we are goaling for 300.

This year we added a kids dash where they got to go paw for paw against the Mascot Cougar, and face painting to allow kiddos to express their inner Cougar! RAHH.. All kiddos beat the cougar but my youngest daughter Emma, who stated” The cougar started too early” as in cheated… hmmm.. she finished race none the less, so I was proud of her, and Aly and John raced the 5k, Aly got 3rd in 12 and under. Yes half the race she ran sitting on papas shoulders, but hey, a 3rd place ribbon and finisher ribbon, she was delighted. John was a bit tired.. Said he would love to run next year and improve his time, without a 50 pound sack of sugar on his shoulders..

I am a runner/racer through and through, so usually I am finishing the race, tired, but filled with endorphins, and will talk any bodies ear off about races, stats, goals, pr.s ect… just because I LOVE to. Here we were dealing with a different animal.

I now had a big piece of energy invested in this race, was not running said race to burn off some of my energy, and felt like everyone’s cheering mom, (who knows why) so I was ticket taker for peoples bib #s as they came in, and I was sooo excited and cheering for everyone.. . I could not help myself,

so they all got a last 20 yard strategy from me whether they wanted it or not… Go go, he is coming for you, or yes… bust it out, you got this! but I just love the foot races at the end, and felt so proud of every single runner, coaches racing their students, moms racing in strollers, kids racing kids, the more mature gent with look of full court press, to beat that 18 year old junior. Love it all..

Another add to this years race was the SWAG table, we had donated gear, thank you sooo much to Oiselle, NUUN, Seaport Day Spa, Applebees, Poulsbo Running, YMCA, and Starbucks…

I also thought a NUUN hydration station would be a superb way to refuel the runners at the end, and except for the fact that the night before I put the large decals on the sides of the clear dispensers..then causing me to put small ones on front…who does that anyway?..

so the front looks like the side, and the side looks like the front. But it was Clear it was NUUN, and the clear dispensers highlighted the product nicely… it was a hit. People heading straight for the NUUN. SWEET..

I did not anticipate the masses coming back for seconds, so I kept borrowing cups from Hot Dog and Coffee station… They laughed as I was soo into making sure runners were fueled at “The hydration station” Hey, it is warm, you just raced a fast 5k, gotta have your ice cold NUUN. I was not as crazed as “The Waterboy” but close. ha.


Run Like a Mother

23 06 2013




Well who could resist a race called “Run like a mother”)? Not us momma birds that’s for sure, and a great meet up to support our friend Chelese who was putting on the race… We R there!! A fun 5k meetup race for the locals, and a great cause to boot. I started am, by taking ferry over from Poulsbo, and had with me oiselle magnets we had used for Mt. Si Relay. I had planned to hand off to Kristin, so she could give to Ragnar team, when I saw Sarah Lesko walking through the parking lot. It was idea at first sight!! Ah,, how fun to slap magnets on car and do a Lesko drive by, as she is one of the runners on said magnet?

So I quickly put on, and hit the pedal, hoping to make her laugh out loud.. I think I might have freaked her out a bit, as she looked over and saw a car driving by with her mug on it.!! But a fun way to be a single bird posse.

The birds were in and off the course pretty quick, but the best race of the day goes to Mackenzie, Kristin’s daughter, who ran a fantastic 5k, and is gonna be a fastie just like her mom… That girl is fierce:) Great meet up, look forward to the next.

Race for Chocolate

9 03 2013


581676_4858036722518_174579960_n IMG_0871 IMG_0868IMG_0102 imagescax1pved1.jpg IMG_0875 IMG_0876 IMG_0877

Well of  course why not eh?  I got up at o dark early, and drove around to meet up with some Oiselle friends, get on that start line, and yes race to a bowl of gooey chocolate goodness at the end.  Chocolate Fondu to dip said goodies, and some of the best hot chocolate i have had, on a chilly Seattle am, just right.

As I have been a busy bee working on our house, my training has been a little dis-shevled, a good week here, and not so good one the following, but though missing out on the lower and mid mileages, hitting some longer runs, and some good racing.  I was hoping to hold a 8:30 pace, and did that, held a 8:31, for a 1:19 finish.  Ran as hard as I could, just getting across line with legs that were beginning to slump, always a good indicator you left it all on the course:)

Liked the  out and back course because as you pushed up the rolling hills, you were inspired to work harder seeing the front runners going right on by on other side, saw Susan Empey and Elizabeth Hutchinson holding tough at front of pack!!  Go Oiselle… then alot of men wearing orange shirts with small circle logo,, they had a stacked team wow…..

As for the downhills, always take full advantage of these as free miles, time to pick off people because not everyone races the downhills…not sure why, but i do and oh yeahh I love it:)!  Wings out, head up, and flying free baby!!  Though my race face is quite serious…. I am happy hearted inside…

Fun to see so many running friends from all over, and love love loved seeing so many  people i did not know wearing oiselle gear… over here in silverdale, bremerton, poulsbo, and bi I see Oiselle but not as much yet, so that was just awesome!  Go Sally Bergesen,  your hard work is paying off.  People are feeling and seeing the difference in Oiselle running gear, the excellence in design and comfort…. and the explosion of awesomenss will only continue, like a HUGE SNOWBALL that sucks everyone in,,, voluntarily of course..

Andrea then escorted us all to a wonderful brunch, of her twitter buddies, oiselle buddies, and nuun friends.. Perfect way to end a fast fun and sunny morning.  15 k or 10 milers are a great distance to race, just when you start to get tired, hey you are done..

First 10 Miler in 10 days

8 02 2013

Hey all,

My little one had her tonsils and adenoids out, then both got the flu, so yep 10 days off running… so I decided as long as my legs felt good, I was gonna run a mile for every day missed… I know shoot out the 10 percent rule… ah well sometimes you need to make your own rules…

felt great.. I am back in the game, and cherished every mile. breaks from running can freak me out, thinking every 2 days heading backward… but sometimes a break is good, rest is good, and a glorious sunny day in the Pugetropolis yesterday… I was smiling ear to ear.

I missed the track workout last night, but got to celebrate Chad and Amandas engagment with all that did attend workout, and what a fun group.!!  Amanda and Chad met while running on our Ragnar Team together 3 years ago, and have been inseparable ever since.. So great to see them both soo happy!

Well today, I have made my “bowl of soul” and look forward to a day of making valentine cookies and props for our big Cookie frosting party tomorrow:)  This evening, another fantastic run I am looking forward to… Nothing like a break to make you really appreciate the abiliity, body, and mind that love to run… So as i fill my sould with spicy mexican chocolate coffee… I will later fill it with a big ole bad fun run!  Lots of races coming up and it is time to get this party started.

I Heart my running friends… they too fill my soul with happy:)


My Muse…the Bowl of Soul

This little beauty is as delicious to taste, as it is scrumptious to look at – take my word for it. sipping this molten chocolate, espresso, whipped cream delight, and after you indulge your way to the bottom of the cup where only tiny flecks of Mexican chocolaten cinnamon, nutmeg,  are left to swirl, you will experience the true intention behind its namesake – a filled up soul. of course after a LONG RUN:)!!
IMG_3701 IMG_3702


30 01 2013

Building a House

19 01 2013

IMG_6707 IMG_6718 IMG_6720 IMG_6724 IMG_6772 IMG_6841 IMG_6864 IMG_8471 IMG_8641 IMG_8478 IMG_8386 IMG_8384 IMG_8391 IMG_8394

A new house is starting to look like a new house…

7 yrs ago purchased property… 2.25 acres on Hood Canal, on very sloping property, with basically no utility hookup, yes raw sloping land on water… we like a good challenge.. always have.. and could not agree on a stock plan after looking at 100’s… so why not build right?

4 years ago, began work with architect

2 years ago, started looking for financing

6 months ago started construction

today – drywall hang is almost complete… wow it is coming together… largest project we have undertaken as a team.. besides kids of course.. 22 years together… good thing we waited to build..  alot of work, but absolutely worth it.

moving forward… ahhh momentum

19 01 2013

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Yes moving forward and momentum… I am definitely happiest when I am moving forward making progress… probably why I love running so much.. I hate to walk, it bores me, I am not stroller,  i love intense workouts, running, kickboxing, swimming…it must be hard, i must struggle, and then I finish happy…. then I can take a breather and an american with cinnamon dolce.. enjoy all the goodness and fun in my life.. my little girls…my husband.. and all life.. and be able to listen to friends without talking over them… I am the worst interupter.. I have to remind myself to shut up and just listen…..

yes i have been graced/sometimes think plagued… with from hyperactivity wiring…I have alot of energy.. but think I can drive peeps crazy sometimes or overwhelmith them…

also why i run. calms me down, helps me focus my big ball of energy and inner drive to create, do, explore.. and in general.. not be normal… i like to be different. do different things, things people have not done or seen before… why? it makes life interesting and fun to me.. normal to me is boring, and drives me crazy quite frankly..

when I run, my creative juices align, and the energy in me seems to match that the universe intended for me, creating this more focused, more productive, happier, healthier, being, problems get worked out, my book ideas come to life.. other creative ventures emerge.. and  all things make sense…. and I feel happy and purposefull… and of course bad ass as i feel the quads getting stronger,, the breathing getting easier, and the form getting more efficient.

I love the I am invinceable and can do anything feeling after a good run ..  often without my daily run I think I operate at half of Suzie capacity, though rest is good, i do not feel that same awesome purposeful feeling you get when you go to sleep and say:  yes, that was a damn good day”  and i feel good about it.

I am working on seeing the good in slower smaller simpler things… because truth be told we can;t have bad ass double workout days every day…and this can get me down.. idle.. and darn right lazy in my oppinion… but I can get better about working harder on my hard days… and finding more pleasure in my easier days..

momentum and forwardness… even at a slow pace, ……more of this forward movment integrated into 2013, to help quiet and focus my mind, even when I am not pounding out a 10 miler…   so forget the idelness waiting for the big surge of the track workout, tempo run or long sunday run.. keep moving forward… even if at a more moderate pace…. joy in smaller things… but keep moving.