Mt Si Relay #5

6 05 2014

Well finished my 5th Mt. Si Relay, 3rd year running with this team of gals from West Sound Triathlon Team. This year we ran under Poulsbo Running, as we get most of our gear from them, and Chris and Brooke are awesome, so thank you soooo much PR for the tanks, we were happy and proud to represent you!!

We had a fun 30 hour runcation, slept over in Bellevue, had some good din din, and off to the hotel.  There was so much silliness going on, from our waiter, to the latte dude spilling milk all over, I did not cry at him, I cried for him because it was out of a movie… poor guy..   to the hotel trying to talk us out of our kitchenette room 4 times, supposedly some guy had lived there for 40 days and cooked with curry each night?  so yes our room was curryliscious, but we had our big

room, and kitchette….  ImageImagehis explains our goofy pics in the kitchen. ha  Early am racers love their kitchen routine as nothing else is open at o dark hundred, of course except sbux..

We lost one team member our most awesome Amanda this year due to plantar Fasciaitus, she has been a long life relay buddy of mine, we have prob run 8 relays together, so we missed the girl a lot, but injury requires rest and special attention, so Elizabeth was great to hop on team at last minute, and blew her legs out of the water.

We finished 7:42:00 and change, to secure a 3rd year 2nd place.!!  Happy legs, happy bodies, happy hearts.  After the race we went on a hunt for a burger, not usually my crave, but all I wanted was a big ole juicy burga!  2 hours later, and several lefts, and oh sorry honey we don’t serve burgers…  what the what??  we found red robin and ate the best burger on the planet!!

My legs were 2 and 7  leg 2 is 6.2, with a first mile up hill ugh.. so I ran a 10 min mile, gulp what the what?  The next 5.2 were around 8:15 – 30 pace, leg 7 is 7.2, some flat, about 3.5 miles that wind up, and that was  a 9:25 average.  so 13.3 miles with some good uphills in the bank.