New Role as Coach

29 03 2014




We have completed 3rd week of Girls on The Run Westsound, and the program rocks my socks, and hopefully the girls socks as well. These ladies are learning about positive self talk vs negative self talk, being empowered, expressing emotions, healthy habbits, tackling peer pressure, the power to make good choices, and so many other invaluable lessons at a young age. THANK YOU Molly Barker for creating this program, and thank you Rachel Bearbrower and Leslie Hughes for working so hard the last 18 months to bring it to Kitsap County. So fantastic to see them processing the curriculum, really thinking and talking about it with us, and their friends, connecting as a group, and running in the fresh air, YES!

Thrilled and honored to coach these girls, and when the phrase comes out on occasion “but I don’t want to run in the rain” thus far, my response, but oh we can have a mud run, or lets go sloggin, it builds character, the girls have given me the benefit of the doubt, and at the end we are wet and huddled in a circle, but I see happy faces, and hoping happy hearts from some time well spent together with running buddies.


I have enjoyed running since the good old age of 8, so am very happy to teach these girls all the wonderful benefits of exercise, endorphins, and doing it with friends who turn out to be some of the best in your life!!




DSC05090  DSC05092 DSC05097 DSC05104 DSC05111  DSC05117 DSC05120  DSC05124 DSC05125  New Role as CoachGirls on The Run Westsound