Girls On The Run- Im Coaching”)

25 02 2014

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My newest adventure!  Girls on The Run.  I had heard about them online, thought this was a fantastic program for younger girls, and then started running into opportunities to join in.. Litterally, At one of our first planning meetings for The Cougar Prowl 5k, We were introduced to Leslie and informed we would be the culminating race for Girls on The Run.  Instantly I am thinking ok, Christmas has just occurred at Suzies house, and for Kitsap County.

This awesome program is here… yes….. the curriculum focuses on girls 3rd – 5th grade, and teaching them valuable life lessons, self confidence, value of community, power of positive peers, all while training for a 5k. That’s right, school outside in the fresh air, while doing exercise! Yes Christmas is here!!

I attended some informational meetings, met With Rachel, and submitted my application, and a very happy lady later, I will start coaching the girls on March 11.  We train for 12 weeks, 2 nights a week, and the girls finish off running The Cougar Prowl in Silverdale. The fact that I am also on the planning committee for this race, means I get to be part of the whole enchilada. Sureal.. and just plain awesome.




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