Suzie’s Xmas Gift PicKs

12 12 2013


Hello all,

So here are my running favs of the year, should anyone need gift ideas”)

1) Oiselle Lesley Knicker or the Lesley tight – I own blue, black and Knicker, and black in the tight..  love love love. perfect for training and racing, super light, warm, but have perforated venting areas behind knees and by hips!! love this as I run at a hot temp..also very flattering, which I love also!

2) Oiselle Long Sleeve Flyte shirt – comes in pink, gry, orange.  This shirt is beyond awesome, keeps you warm in winter, yes at 28 degrees, is form fitting, breathable, yes the birds are perforated air  conditioning, antimicrobial, so even stinky runners like me or shall I say “very aggressive perspirers?  Catch a break on this one, Of course I warsh it, just not after every run”)

3) Addidas  “Glide Boost” shoes – Perfect for running with a shoe that is more minimalist, but has super condensed cushion, think of memory foam bed pad… love love!  I have run in neutral cushion huge shoes forever, as I have a bad back, and Chris at Poulsbo Running talked me into trying.  I will never go back to my ultra thick shoes!




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