Poulsbo Half Marathon

14 11 2013

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Well this was my first big race since Ragnar In july, where I took an 18 mile leg.  As we have been building our beautiful new home, I can honestly say my training was not as aggressive as it usually is, but I knew I could cover the distance, and on a hilly course, I would enjoy the race, enjoy the people, and the very scenic course.

I had been running about 3-4 times a week, had a decent base, and though not the fastest time, actually one of my slower, I really had a lot of fun, and was grateful to be racing, grateful to be able to run 13.1 in a racing situation, and races for me are social functions, everyone knows your name, and they are ALWAYS GLAD YOU CAME!  As am I too see their friendly smiles and hear all the stats and goals of the  day.

Beautiful sunny fall day, about 50 degrees, perfect day for a half marathon.  My time was 2:02.26, about what I expected, a lot of hills, I pushed a steady challenging pace, thus far my half pr is 1:49:00, but this is in tip top shape, so as I was not this, I  did not go for it as I would if in better condition.

I call it my humble pie half, first of the racing season, and am now running 5-6 days a week, getting in lots of hills, and tempo runs to prepare for Seattle Half.  This will be my 5th Seattle, and looking forward to running with the oiselle ladies.DSC02762 fd492890009d11e3969322000a1fc655_7 imagesCA45Z2K4 408407_552679228078672_1061199035_nDSC02743 DSC02917 DSC02925




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