Race for Chocolate

9 03 2013


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Well of  course why not eh?  I got up at o dark early, and drove around to meet up with some Oiselle friends, get on that start line, and yes race to a bowl of gooey chocolate goodness at the end.  Chocolate Fondu to dip said goodies, and some of the best hot chocolate i have had, on a chilly Seattle am, just right.

As I have been a busy bee working on our house, my training has been a little dis-shevled, a good week here, and not so good one the following, but though missing out on the lower and mid mileages, hitting some longer runs, and some good racing.  I was hoping to hold a 8:30 pace, and did that, held a 8:31, for a 1:19 finish.  Ran as hard as I could, just getting across line with legs that were beginning to slump, always a good indicator you left it all on the course:)

Liked the  out and back course because as you pushed up the rolling hills, you were inspired to work harder seeing the front runners going right on by on other side, saw Susan Empey and Elizabeth Hutchinson holding tough at front of pack!!  Go Oiselle… then alot of men wearing orange shirts with small circle logo,, they had a stacked team wow…..

As for the downhills, always take full advantage of these as free miles, time to pick off people because not everyone races the downhills…not sure why, but i do and oh yeahh I love it:)!  Wings out, head up, and flying free baby!!  Though my race face is quite serious…. I am happy hearted inside…

Fun to see so many running friends from all over, and love love loved seeing so many  people i did not know wearing oiselle gear… over here in silverdale, bremerton, poulsbo, and bi I see Oiselle but not as much yet, so that was just awesome!  Go Sally Bergesen,  your hard work is paying off.  People are feeling and seeing the difference in Oiselle running gear, the excellence in design and comfort…. and the explosion of awesomenss will only continue, like a HUGE SNOWBALL that sucks everyone in,,, voluntarily of course..

Andrea then escorted us all to a wonderful brunch, of her twitter buddies, oiselle buddies, and nuun friends.. Perfect way to end a fast fun and sunny morning.  15 k or 10 milers are a great distance to race, just when you start to get tired, hey you are done..