First 10 Miler in 10 days

8 02 2013

Hey all,

My little one had her tonsils and adenoids out, then both got the flu, so yep 10 days off running… so I decided as long as my legs felt good, I was gonna run a mile for every day missed… I know shoot out the 10 percent rule… ah well sometimes you need to make your own rules…

felt great.. I am back in the game, and cherished every mile. breaks from running can freak me out, thinking every 2 days heading backward… but sometimes a break is good, rest is good, and a glorious sunny day in the Pugetropolis yesterday… I was smiling ear to ear.

I missed the track workout last night, but got to celebrate Chad and Amandas engagment with all that did attend workout, and what a fun group.!!  Amanda and Chad met while running on our Ragnar Team together 3 years ago, and have been inseparable ever since.. So great to see them both soo happy!

Well today, I have made my “bowl of soul” and look forward to a day of making valentine cookies and props for our big Cookie frosting party tomorrow:)  This evening, another fantastic run I am looking forward to… Nothing like a break to make you really appreciate the abiliity, body, and mind that love to run… So as i fill my sould with spicy mexican chocolate coffee… I will later fill it with a big ole bad fun run!  Lots of races coming up and it is time to get this party started.

I Heart my running friends… they too fill my soul with happy:)


My Muse…the Bowl of Soul

This little beauty is as delicious to taste, as it is scrumptious to look at – take my word for it. sipping this molten chocolate, espresso, whipped cream delight, and after you indulge your way to the bottom of the cup where only tiny flecks of Mexican chocolaten cinnamon, nutmeg,  are left to swirl, you will experience the true intention behind its namesake – a filled up soul. of course after a LONG RUN:)!!
IMG_3701 IMG_3702