30 01 2013


Building a House

19 01 2013

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A new house is starting to look like a new house…

7 yrs ago purchased property… 2.25 acres on Hood Canal, on very sloping property, with basically no utility hookup, yes raw sloping land on water… we like a good challenge.. always have.. and could not agree on a stock plan after looking at 100’s… so why not build right?

4 years ago, began work with architect

2 years ago, started looking for financing

6 months ago started construction

today – drywall hang is almost complete… wow it is coming together… largest project we have undertaken as a team.. besides kids of course.. 22 years together… good thing we waited to build..  alot of work, but absolutely worth it.

moving forward… ahhh momentum

19 01 2013

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Yes moving forward and momentum… I am definitely happiest when I am moving forward making progress… probably why I love running so much.. I hate to walk, it bores me, I am not stroller,  i love intense workouts, running, kickboxing, swimming…it must be hard, i must struggle, and then I finish happy…. then I can take a breather and an american with cinnamon dolce.. enjoy all the goodness and fun in my life.. my little girls…my husband.. and all life.. and be able to listen to friends without talking over them… I am the worst interupter.. I have to remind myself to shut up and just listen…..

yes i have been graced/sometimes think plagued… with from hyperactivity wiring…I have alot of energy.. but think I can drive peeps crazy sometimes or overwhelmith them…

also why i run. calms me down, helps me focus my big ball of energy and inner drive to create, do, explore.. and in general.. not be normal… i like to be different. do different things, things people have not done or seen before… why? it makes life interesting and fun to me.. normal to me is boring, and drives me crazy quite frankly..

when I run, my creative juices align, and the energy in me seems to match that the universe intended for me, creating this more focused, more productive, happier, healthier, being, problems get worked out, my book ideas come to life.. other creative ventures emerge.. and  all things make sense…. and I feel happy and purposefull… and of course bad ass as i feel the quads getting stronger,, the breathing getting easier, and the form getting more efficient.

I love the I am invinceable and can do anything feeling after a good run ..  often without my daily run I think I operate at half of Suzie capacity, though rest is good, i do not feel that same awesome purposeful feeling you get when you go to sleep and say:  yes, that was a damn good day”  and i feel good about it.

I am working on seeing the good in slower smaller simpler things… because truth be told we can;t have bad ass double workout days every day…and this can get me down.. idle.. and darn right lazy in my oppinion… but I can get better about working harder on my hard days… and finding more pleasure in my easier days..

momentum and forwardness… even at a slow pace, ……more of this forward movment integrated into 2013, to help quiet and focus my mind, even when I am not pounding out a 10 miler…   so forget the idelness waiting for the big surge of the track workout, tempo run or long sunday run.. keep moving forward… even if at a more moderate pace…. joy in smaller things… but keep moving.

Race Calendar 2013

16 01 2013



Feb 16 – Gig Harbor – You knock my sox off 5k
March 3 – Seattle Hot Chocolate 15k/5k… love this… I am a chocolate finatic:)
April 13 – Tacoma YMCA Run for Kids 5k
April 28 – Mt. Si Relay – 60 miles.. 5 gals.. open women team
June 2 – North Olympic Discovery 1/2 Marathon – Port Angeles
July 19-20 – Ragnar Relay – 196 miles….12 people.. mixed team
Oct 13 – Victoria B.C. Marathon

Mt Si via Team oiselle here we come!

11 01 2013

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Track Workouts… Double Workouts… rock

Yes they are challenging, yes i was tired… but did a double yesterday, to start getting ready for Mt. Si Relay in April.  I ended eve with a 5:15 track work out with West Sound Triathlon Club… under the leadership of coach Jim Felty..  We did 4 800’s, and 4 300’s, my first track workout since summer, so for sure it was hard… but i knew it would be, so was not such a shock, and instead I just enjoyed the company of 10 other runners… kickin it with all they had, and we even had one sprint while it was snowing!!  Yes we all felt bad arse… How cool are we running our butts off in the snow on the track.. Priceless, and today I feel good, accomplished.. and am grateful for running buddies… they just make everything bettter…and fastr

Also getting ready to run our 1st oiselle inspired relay, Mt. Si.. 5 women, 60 miles, 6am start… lots of hills, and off we go.. event brings about 255 teams, all categories.. mixed, open, masters..ultras.. and on… so working to get the ladies and oiselle coordinated for a fantastic day of relay racing, and oiselle representation on the mountain.  Go fast take chances.. here we come. need to fix my rover mock up.. oops..I just can’t get the word run out of my system… lol

Team Oiselle, WSC…, West side cuties.. Last year in womens open we took 2nd, so we are returning in Suzies Big Black Land rover to run a third Mt. Si and  defend our title.. Amanda Arr Rodgers, Run-Nae-Renee, Nona, aka lil speedy, Joleen..Pereira D. and Captain Suz, aka the Suzinater.