New Year.. New Running… New Goals

30 12 2012

527446_515581665121762_730321743_n proxy 1111.jpg Oiselle Team Badge

Well we have been working our little tails off making decisions, analyzing said decisions, re thinking them, and yes even questioning them…changing them.. what the heck?  Ahhh, WE ARE BUILDING A HOUSE  .. our first.. I would equate it to a roller coaster… plenty of ups… and plenty of downs.. plenty of blood sweat tears laughter uncertainty gratitude fear stress achievement happiness pride  more blood sweat tears arguments.. happy  gratitude… and on..

We purchased the land 7 years ago, getting financing a bit tough. 4 banks later RIGHT ON, so FINALLY… we started project Aug. 1 2012, WEEEE HAWWWW and have now reached the dry wall phase… things have been stressful, but good, and my running has taken the hit.

After finishing Seattle Half Marathon with a 5 min course pr, and the Spooky 12k trail hill course… also a  course pr. 3 mins.. even tho the miles were down, and the weight was up, 15lbs… I have had some good races…  More races lately, and less training… so I guess the running is still getting in right?

Those oiselle women and their competetive nature I love… Every time I put on that jersey to race… I am running for more then myself, I’m running to represent oiselle, I feel proud and happy to get to represent, to keep the siterhood strong, and work my hardest on that given day… which always brings confidence and satisfaction in your life.. others inspire you, and you are able to inspire them right back:)!!

With a new food plan, more squats, lunges, and push ups, I am starting to decrease my concrete footprint… right on… happiness, and faster running ahead for me.. I also have a new conviction that if I may not be the fastest, or the tallest, or the leanest. but dang it if I am not going to try my hardest!!  and find out what the best running version of west side suzie is… how good can i get?

I am ready to make new goals for running…

  • keep the hills coming..they help me out more even than track workouts.. not sure why, just works for me..
  • keep the races going… but limit the overthinking and just go!  
  • stop worrying about not being the fastest: just go!… I am faster than I think sometimes
  • stop looking out and sulking about the rain… just go!
  • Run and enjoy being in the moment!, because being in the moment is where it’s at… forget it all and just go!

Because when I JUST GO:  I experience happiness, peace, and confidence  that nothing else gives me.. which as you know transfers into all aspects of your life.. and makes me feel like… heck ya, i got this..  along with a renewed spirit and conviction to hit the races and kick butt… why??  because it is fun.. because it makes me feel good, because I was born with a very competetive spark and drive that loves the thrill of the kill…I love to race..

2013 Racing Goals

1) Run second marathon since kids… and get a pr

2) Race more 5ks for foot speed

3) Race a Mile to see what my time is?

4) Follow in the footsteps of Starfish… no junk miles… all runs  6 – 8 miles min unless track or hill wkout..

5)  Just Go!  Run Fast and Take Chances…. Racing Calendar coming soon to a theatre near u