Maria’s First Half… the girl killed it!

26 11 2012



26 11 2012

Seattle Half Marathon Team ” Oiselle – Every Mother Counts”

26 11 2012

Well the week began like all other prior to the Seattle Half Marathon… oooh no, it;s going to be rainy, cold, and hilly, why do I sign up for this… my now 3rd running of it, after the 1st one with Ann Coupe, I swore never again!!  Then another, ran 2nd with Pam Warner,.. deciding last minute, and quite untrained… why not… everyone else is doing it….just missed seeing Jo Jo, saw Mich D and Martha at end,  and finished.. which was my goal…

This year, 3rd running, I was pumped, and excited, as well as feeling accountable to be running to fund raise for Team Oiselle and Every Mother Counts, something larger than myself…  a wonderful organization that helps fund programs for women in third world countries, to have safer births, easier transport to birthing locations, and post natal care.

The am started with a quick 5th and Mercer meetup to collect my racing tank, thank u sooo much Sally and Kristin…. and seeing all the Oiselle Birds prior to race really amped my spirit and racing comadery… It was great to hear everyones goal times, and hopes for achievement… helped in my conviction to pr this darn race!!

I was putting more races on my calendar, starting to embrace those hills through hill repeats and learn to work with and not against those hills…  also took the HOV lane on all downhills during the race, yes far left to avoid crowd.  amazing how many people you can pass on the downhill if you let it out and fly:!!  Downhill is a free gift to all runners… use it my friends:)

Second trick.. who my friend Mich D also learned this year.. I had not seen her amongst the 9,000 runners at start.. but great minds think alike and right  by  fence near start.. there she was in front of me.. Mich D doing same thing I was.. once first crowd starts, jump in… avoid all walkers at end, and get right in a nice postion…

Off we went, Mich D and I, chatting about who was and wasn;t running this year.. just talking about poor Terry Fritz getting injured right before race, and low and behold, there he was waving us good luck on sideline…

A little farther, and I felt a friendly tap on my shoulder…. none other than Guerilla Runner Kristy, we keep in touch, but our first face to face… what are the odds??  loved it!

On through the race, this time I was determined to hit an 8:30 pace for the race, be aware and present and fight for every mile, run uphills faster than ever b4, run downhills as fast as i possibly could, and do at least 5 surges when i was feeling tired, down and out…

I channeled my friend Amanda Arr this year, as for the first time eva, I actually enjoyed running through the arboretum.. she has always said this, i thought oh she is crazy, but thanks to my hill repeats this year… I enjoyed… and thot… ahh this is what Amanda was talkin bout

sure enough i hit mile 10 and i was a little down and out… another friendly face appeared… Sarah Chan… what a blessing… 2 Oiselle birds pushing each other hard the last 3 miles to  pick up the pace and leave it all on the course… surge time baby, at least 3…. a good footrace is the best way to get u through when tired sets in…

and shazamm. a pr for me.. 1:51:44… 5 mins faster on this course… Sarah Chan I Owe this to u:)   and I think a pr for her? 1:49:00… I know her first half was 2:08:00… so yes this gal rocked it..

I will no longer say never again… I am excited to drop the freshman 15 I have gained during our house building stress, and get a new pr next year… renewed hope, spirit, and convcition, and all my running friends whether they know it or not.. had a part in it… I thank you all for a happy and proud heart.


26 11 2012