Over the Narrows 10 miler – Great Race!

4 09 2012

Well I had created my race calendar, and with all things going on, home building, new schools for kiddos, had a brief slip in memory, until a weird feeling about midnight on friday, hey I think I have a race tomorrow… sooo not me, I usually know weeks ahead, have checked all stats of peeps in my age division, just in case there are any fun friendly foot races….

Quick panic, oooohh no, the last 2 weeks my training has fallen off, there are alot of hills on that course, whatever will I do?  How about just show up and have fun.  That I did!

So happy to see so many running buddies I have not seen in awhile, and there is something about a starting line at a race.  Seriously everyone is happy and I love the feeling of energy everywhere!  Especially on a sunny crisp day, in Gig Harbor, and the race is only 10 miles, not 13… BONUS!!

At least for this gal who had not gotten in many lsd runs in August…

Super studmuffin job to Ann, Ginger,  and Terry for placing in their divisions, so fun to see Sabrina who I had not seen since Nodm… met a new friend who recognized me from West Sound triathalon club pics… thanks Amanda.. and of course so happy to see my road dogs, Mich D, Pamelot, and Ann.  Finished off with coffee and danish,,, perfect way to spend first day of september.