Ragnar Relay 2012

26 07 2012


Well Team Poulsbo Running – West Sound Triathlon Crazies successfully completed another Ragnar Relay captained by the Awesome Amanda Rodgers and her Co captain Chad Gillman.  Our team  consisted of West Sound Triathlon Members, and we received a generous sponsorship contribution from Poulsbo Running…. and well we are all a little bit crazy… so there you go!

We had a team of some veterans… and a good amount of newbies… both vans turned out to have a great time, tons of kills, you know we love the thrill of the kill… as do most relayers.. lots of laughter, and nothing like bonding while sleeping on a gym floor and taking cold showers at the highschool… but still thankful to get all that salt off….

Our only complaint was that those of us in Van 2 wish that Van 1 would have run a little slower so we could have had more nap time.. Ha… but what a fantastic job by all, everyone ran their legs off and I’m pretty sure Chad set a record with 24 kills in one leg… as Bob would say “it was a target rich environment”  they were lined up going up hill and Chad just took off!

We had one casualty, as Bob was cruising over Deception Pass at a 7:40 split the curb came up and broke his toe, and he still finished his leg… ouch and a double ouch.   That being said  a 4th place finish out of 28 teams in mixed sub masters division is not too shabby.