Holy Hillicious 5k Batman

30 06 2012

Well up for another first this am, first 5k race in a year… I have been so busy logging miles for half and full marathons… did not realize how long it has been since I have raced 5k or 5 mile distances… … That being said, having run a marathon 4 weeks ago, I was thinking, ahhh well my pr from last June on a flat course was 23;31, so I am thinking ok, well yes more than 1/2 of the course is uphill, but I should still be able to get under 24:30 right?

Well holy hillicious, i think the first uphill mile caught me a bit, and finally got into the groove at mile 2. I then saw my competition, and a footrace in my mind was underway… Unfortunatley as you know, with a 5k, the sprint begins immediately, which is why I started with a 2 mile warm up and lots of stretching..  so after running what felt like a very hard 5k, I was quite surprised to see 25:45 at the finish line… what happened to staying at 8 min miles?  I wore my garmin but swore not too look at it, as I think I focused too much on time at the marathon, and not enough on basic feel and breathing…. Which has delivered me much better results in the past..

Sooo coming from last year which turned out to be a year of prs. in the 5k, 5 mile, and half marathon… I have started out this year, with times that have gone in the opposite direction, 8:40’s at our April Relay, 9:08’s at the marathon, and now 8:20’s for a 5k.

On the sunny side I got in some good hill training for the upcoming 24 hour Ragnar Relay, 12 people, 200 miles, in which case I have 2 Longer hilly legs.  Some other good news, even with a time that was not my best, many ladies in 40-49 stayed home to sleep in, so I wound up with some hardware:)  Onto some more short sprint races, and stacking up miles again for Victoria Marathon in October


First marathon in 7 years

13 06 2012

Yes I just turned 40, have 2 girls, almost 4 and 6.  I decided it was time to get back in the marathon game, so I chose my Hal Higdon training schedule, Advance 1 and picked my race… NODM and off I went.  Overall training went pretty well, logged up to 62 mile weeks, did hills, and some speedwork, more tempo though and not enough track work… Last time I did track workouts, I  activated a herniated disc, so have been a bit shy.   Nice 2 week taper, and off to marathon…. I was surprised how nervous I was the whole week before. But hoping to break 4 hours, and secretly hoping to hit close to my old pr of 3:48:00, run on a cold day in Pennsylvania a few moons ago.  To my training I had also added pushups, and planks for a stronger core, but to no avail, as I ran about 10 mins slower than my pr.  Good news I felt solid, and no pain afterwards, bad news, I did feel a bit flat, never felt like a really good rhythem… Probably just enough mental games going on to learn how to run a marathon again without getting bored… this one… I got a bit bored.   Next one is Victoria in October, planning on more speedwork, and maybe cutting a 6 day run week down to 5, and adding in a day of spinning or other cross training.  Definitely need to mix things up, and going for a faster time.

all in all, I am grateful that I did have a comfortable though tiring as always first race back, and now I have a benchmark to improve upon.. also that scary monster in the closet has been caught.!!   no more fear of ”  oh shiste, can i even run this distance?”  ahhh, yes i can:)

Hello world!

5 06 2012

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