Ragnar Relay NWP number 6 – the scenery and team racing never gets old!

25 07 2014

Mt Si Relay #5

6 05 2014

Well finished my 5th Mt. Si Relay, 3rd year running with this team of gals from West Sound Triathlon Team. This year we ran under Poulsbo Running, as we get most of our gear from them, and Chris and Brooke are awesome, so thank you soooo much PR for the tanks, we were happy and proud to represent you!!

We had a fun 30 hour runcation, slept over in Bellevue, had some good din din, and off to the hotel.  There was so much silliness going on, from our waiter, to the latte dude spilling milk all over, I did not cry at him, I cried for him because it was out of a movie… poor guy..   to the hotel trying to talk us out of our kitchenette room 4 times, supposedly some guy had lived there for 40 days and cooked with curry each night?  so yes our room was curryliscious, but we had our big

room, and kitchette….  ImageImagehis explains our goofy pics in the kitchen. ha  Early am racers love their kitchen routine as nothing else is open at o dark hundred, of course except sbux..

We lost one team member our most awesome Amanda this year due to plantar Fasciaitus, she has been a long life relay buddy of mine, we have prob run 8 relays together, so we missed the girl a lot, but injury requires rest and special attention, so Elizabeth was great to hop on team at last minute, and blew her legs out of the water.

We finished 7:42:00 and change, to secure a 3rd year 2nd place.!!  Happy legs, happy bodies, happy hearts.  After the race we went on a hunt for a burger, not usually my crave, but all I wanted was a big ole juicy burga!  2 hours later, and several lefts, and oh sorry honey we don’t serve burgers…  what the what??  we found red robin and ate the best burger on the planet!!

My legs were 2 and 7  leg 2 is 6.2, with a first mile up hill ugh.. so I ran a 10 min mile, gulp what the what?  The next 5.2 were around 8:15 – 30 pace, leg 7 is 7.2, some flat, about 3.5 miles that wind up, and that was  a 9:25 average.  so 13.3 miles with some good uphills in the bank.


New Role as Coach

29 03 2014




We have completed 3rd week of Girls on The Run Westsound, and the program rocks my socks, and hopefully the girls socks as well. These ladies are learning about positive self talk vs negative self talk, being empowered, expressing emotions, healthy habbits, tackling peer pressure, the power to make good choices, and so many other invaluable lessons at a young age. THANK YOU Molly Barker for creating this program, and thank you Rachel Bearbrower and Leslie Hughes for working so hard the last 18 months to bring it to Kitsap County. So fantastic to see them processing the curriculum, really thinking and talking about it with us, and their friends, connecting as a group, and running in the fresh air, YES!

Thrilled and honored to coach these girls, and when the phrase comes out on occasion “but I don’t want to run in the rain” thus far, my response, but oh we can have a mud run, or lets go sloggin, it builds character, the girls have given me the benefit of the doubt, and at the end we are wet and huddled in a circle, but I see happy faces, and hoping happy hearts from some time well spent together with running buddies.


I have enjoyed running since the good old age of 8, so am very happy to teach these girls all the wonderful benefits of exercise, endorphins, and doing it with friends who turn out to be some of the best in your life!!




DSC05090  DSC05092 DSC05097 DSC05104 DSC05111  DSC05117 DSC05120  DSC05124 DSC05125  New Role as CoachGirls on The Run Westsound

Girls On The Run- Im Coaching”)

25 02 2014

1662506_269262596564747_1874024876_n 1779726_279979775493029_160389730_n th

My newest adventure!  Girls on The Run.  I had heard about them online, thought this was a fantastic program for younger girls, and then started running into opportunities to join in.. Litterally, At one of our first planning meetings for The Cougar Prowl 5k, We were introduced to Leslie and informed we would be the culminating race for Girls on The Run.  Instantly I am thinking ok, Christmas has just occurred at Suzies house, and for Kitsap County.

This awesome program is here… yes….. the curriculum focuses on girls 3rd – 5th grade, and teaching them valuable life lessons, self confidence, value of community, power of positive peers, all while training for a 5k. That’s right, school outside in the fresh air, while doing exercise! Yes Christmas is here!!

I attended some informational meetings, met With Rachel, and submitted my application, and a very happy lady later, I will start coaching the girls on March 11.  We train for 12 weeks, 2 nights a week, and the girls finish off running The Cougar Prowl in Silverdale. The fact that I am also on the planning committee for this race, means I get to be part of the whole enchilada. Sureal.. and just plain awesome.


New Year New Goals

25 02 2014


Well this year started out with a first run at Love Em or Leave Em Greenlake 5k.  My running lovah was Jess Graham, and we operated under “On The Wings of Love”  yes cheeseball and fabulous!  I also ran a 5k in Dec. The jingle Bell in Port Orchard, and was looking for another 5k, as my goal this year is to race more short distances, add in more strength training, and pick up my pace!

It was really great racing with all the lady birds that day, as people were all over the time charts, and being around 1 to 2 minutes between runners, there were a lot of us, most folks had a Oiselle rabbit in their sites.  This was the case for me anyway,  and it felt like we were a huge racing flock or circle, so awesome, similar to sat runs with a group at Point Defiance Trails..  the connectivity is awesome. 

We finished 4th in our age group, groups were combined ages so we were 72 years young”)  1st 2nd and 3rd in our division were also Oiselle teams, so it was an age group sweep, saweet!

After the race, we all decided brunch was not a good idea, nerves, and tight stomachs after going all out in a 5k, no thanks.  Sbux at corner… ahh perfect, then over to HQ for some post race chat, got to get a sneak peak of some new spring fashions coming out, love love, can’t wait,  But best of all, racing and hanging out with the flock!


Suzie’s Xmas Gift PicKs

12 12 2013


Hello all,

So here are my running favs of the year, should anyone need gift ideas”)

1) Oiselle Lesley Knicker or the Lesley tight – I own blue, black and Graphite..in Knicker, and black in the tight..  love love love. perfect for training and racing, super light, warm, but have perforated venting areas behind knees and by hips!! love this as I run at a hot temp..also very flattering, which I love also!

2) Oiselle Long Sleeve Flyte shirt – comes in pink, gry, orange.  This shirt is beyond awesome, keeps you warm in winter, yes at 28 degrees, is form fitting, breathable, yes the birds are perforated air  conditioning, antimicrobial, so even stinky runners like me or shall I say “very aggressive perspirers?  Catch a break on this one, Of course I warsh it, just not after every run”)

3) Addidas  “Glide Boost” shoes – Perfect for running with a shoe that is more minimalist, but has super condensed cushion, think of memory foam bed pad… love love!  I have run in neutral cushion huge shoes forever, as I have a bad back, and Chris at Poulsbo Running talked me into trying.  I will never go back to my ultra thick shoes!

Poulsbo Half Marathon

14 11 2013

960027_10201561467253082_209811372_n 1374271_10201561467013076_1457087761_n 1375636_674135062605814_1166071931_n

Well this was my first big race since Ragnar In july, where I took an 18 mile leg.  As we have been building our beautiful new home, I can honestly say my training was not as aggressive as it usually is, but I knew I could cover the distance, and on a hilly course, I would enjoy the race, enjoy the people, and the very scenic course.

I had been running about 3-4 times a week, had a decent base, and though not the fastest time, actually one of my slower, I really had a lot of fun, and was grateful to be racing, grateful to be able to run 13.1 in a racing situation, and races for me are social functions, everyone knows your name, and they are ALWAYS GLAD YOU CAME!  As am I too see their friendly smiles and hear all the stats and goals of the  day.

Beautiful sunny fall day, about 50 degrees, perfect day for a half marathon.  My time was 2:02.26, about what I expected, a lot of hills, I pushed a steady challenging pace, thus far my half pr is 1:49:00, but this is in tip top shape, so as I was not this, I  did not go for it as I would if in better condition.

I call it my humble pie half, first of the racing season, and am now running 5-6 days a week, getting in lots of hills, and tempo runs to prepare for Seattle Half.  This will be my 5th Seattle, and looking forward to running with the oiselle ladies.DSC02762 fd492890009d11e3969322000a1fc655_7 imagesCA45Z2K4 408407_552679228078672_1061199035_nDSC02743 DSC02917 DSC02925